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Reflecting The Night Before the Midterms

Across the USA tomorrow, millions of people will vote in the midterm elections. And boy, I’ve heard some crazy stuff this cycle. Much of it is just regurgitated talking points from cable news or worse, some debunked lie that fits in with someone’s world view. Elections are important. But sometimes we lose sight of what is even more important.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, just imagine if half of what was spent on political advertising was spent instead on eliminating hunger? We could end it in the US with what has been spent this year.
What if that same amount of money was put into adult education, or programs for the disabled or those troubled by PTSD from combat?
What if we told people about Jesus with as much enthusiasm as we tell people who to vote for?
What if we shared Scripture like we share political memes?
What if we invited people to a meal like we invite them to vote our values?
What if we viewed the opposing side as people made in the image of God and deserving of our love and service?
What if we acted like Jesus was our Savior more than the political party we prefer?
What if we were more concerned about our own integrity and witness than with “taking our country back”?
What if we did more than talk about living out our faith and we actually did it?
What if we were to speak the truth not only to those of a different party but also to those in our own political camp?
What if we were committed to being the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus?

Friends, we’d change the world for the glory of God.

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