The Little Things

The Little Things (11-25-2020) by Michael “Adam” Edward Will

I love the sound and sensation of my wedding ring hitting the side of my coffee mug

As I bring it up to my face, to drink in the morning.

The sound of the ocean playing on my speakers

As I try to drown out the many distractions already in my mind.

That smell of coffee filling my nostrils, awakening my senses

Can you smell it? It’s the scent of a fresh new day!

A chance to revel in God’s goodness

To curl up in his comfort

To press on in the fight against darkness

And to care for the hurting.

The sound of my fingers hitting the keys as I type away…

I’m rough with the keyboard but only because the passion behind my fingers.

I have to get these thoughts out before they escape, wafting through the air like the scent of coffee flowing through the kitchen

Then the question comes to mind: will I share these thoughts?

Are they for me to ponder alone or are they for others? Will I even save this or crumple it into the digital waste basket as so many before?

These are the moments that I treasure.

God, coffee, Bible, book, pen, and keyboard.

This is my refuge. This is where I am reminded that You are still God.

Will you come with me today? Walk with me as I go about my day?

To study, make calls, run errands, play with my children and embrace my wife?

Will you last with me longer than the coffee? Linger near me while I sit in contemplation.

Oh keep me from melancholy and direct my thoughts heavenward.

Lift my spirits as I follow Your Spirit.

For it’s in the little things that I find You, Oh Lord, today.

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