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Defiantly Joyful II

As I sit on the couch the kids are (slowly) settling down.
My youngest snoozes beside me while my older two fight rest, though they have had such a full day.
I have Christmas music playing on my TV and a small tree is lit up in the corner of the far room.
The roast didn’t get done in time for dinner so it we had PB&J.
The neighbor dog knocked over our trash.
And here I sit, frustrated and smiling at once:
Still defiantly joyful.

Many friends are fretting that they either will miss or modify family plans.
Still others complain of government orders
While some pretend we aren’t in a worldwide pandemic.
But here I sit.
Taking in deep breaths, not knowing how to help others.
Breathing out my anxieties and remembering that Jesus is still King.
And so that is why
I am still defiantly joyful.

This year has brought a lot to so many friends and loves ones.
Death, divorce, diabetes, despair.
Job loss, education loss, and I’m sure lots of hair loss.
I’m not without scratches, dents or bruises.
But I reflect, defiantly joyful.

You see, the wonder of Christmas,
That I celebrate all year-round
Is that Jesus became one of us
To move into our community
To live, to die, and to live again.
He loved us so much he came.
And some day, he will come again.
How, no one really knows though some think they do.
But when he comes, or if I go to him first,
I’ll meet him defiantly joyful, as all melts into the worship and the rule of my King.

So I don’t know what’s racing through your mind
As you scroll through tweets and posts and pics.
It’s easy, almost certain, that you’ll get riled or miffed or peeved.
Instead, remember the one who came, lived, died, and rose again.
And that in you, oh Christ-follower, he lives as well.
And then, you too, in defiance of this broken world, may be joyful.

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