Defiantly Joyful

As I sit in my home office and look out the window right now at 5PM, I see the light of the sun reflecting off the hills as it sets behind me.
I see the golden glow of freshly worked fields, ready to lie fallow for the winter.
I see the freshly barren trees glistening in the last bit of daylight.
I see the shadows from the houses and trees creep steadily across the fields.
I see the neighbors coming home from a long day of work, letting their dogs out to explore before all becomes dark.
I see the brown leaves settling in the brush-hogged hayfield and the deep greens of rich grasses and the barn roof.
I hear the faint giggles and joyful exclamations of children.
Did God not get the memo? It’s 2020!
And yet, I find myself
Defiantly Joyful

The week has been long and it’s only Wednesday. I am ready to curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea and listen to piano music.
The world is in chaos. Truthfully it always has been.
Some people rise above and attempt to tame the chaos.
Not me, no I am a mouse of a man.
But one thing I am this evening:
Defiantly Joyful.

And I do not know what tomorrow brings.
Sorrow, foolhardy confidence, or rain
But one thing I will remain is
Defiantly Joyful

It doesn’t come from within
Within is in shambles.
No, it comes from without me.
From my King, Christ.
So until He comes I will be
Defiantly Joyful

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