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Welcome… Let’s Try This Again

Let’s Try This Again…

After reading the blogs of several of my friends I have decided it is time to try this blog thing again. So here we go. Fasten your seat belts. Welcome.
I’m not new to this blogging thing. I did it before. You can click on my profile to view my previous blog “Out of Eden”. It was a double play on words– my name being Adam as well as the fact that at the time I was the pastor of Eden Church.  Because SO MUCH has happened in the YEARS since I last blogged on Out Of Eden, I thought I would start afresh instead of trying to fill in all the gaps.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, lets get to a few basics. My name is Michael Adam Edward Will, but please call me Adam. I never really liked my first name and have rarely used it except for legal and/or identification purposes. And please, don’t call me Mike. Whenever I hear Michael Will, I usually think of my father, that being his name. Fun fact- There has been a Michael and an Adam Will in every generation of my family as back as about 1650. As far as the Will’s that I am in close connection with, I am the only one with either. But anyway…
My wife Christina and I recently bought our first home, which happens to be just down the road from my family farm where I grew up and my family has lived for nearly 200 years. I am surrounded by my history, which in some ways is haunting and yet encouraging at the same time. The geography reminds me of some things in my past I’d rather forget, while I am also reminded of how blessed I have been. 
So let’s try this again.
I like that idea of trying something again. Don’t you? See, whether it’s blogging, marriage, finances, or any aspect of our lives, we make mistakes and want to start over again. That’s why I am so grateful that Jesus offers us second chances. As I get ready turn 30, I have been evaluating many life choices and priorities. I have been blessed to be the owner of a small business that is really starting to take off, at least for me. I have two beautiful daughters. I have a wife that loves me unconditionally and makes  me want to be a better person. Life is full right now. Maybe too full. So if nothing else, maybe this blog will help me to sort life out and hopefully provide some entertainment and encouragement along the way.
So Welcome- Let’s Try This Again.